Drum Lessons

 $30.00 for one thirty minute lesson. (No HST)

Drumland Student Discount



We offer private, one on one drum instruction in our comfortable and inspiring studios. Our qualified instructors take great pride in their craft to ensure Drumland students achieve their desired goals.


Drum lessons are $30.00 per half hour. Our studios come fully equipped with professional style acoustic and electronic drum kits. We make learning drums fun for everyone, at any age and skill! Call us today and make Drumland your gateway to your musical journey. 

Student Of The Month Award

Our Drumland Instructors award Student Of The Month Certificates to students who excel in their studies. We recognize students who show promising talent and enthusiasm to the art of drumming. It's a great way to encourage, strengthen and maintain one's passion for drumming.



Drumland hosts an annual June recital showcasing our students progress and achievements throughout the year. Recitals are a great way for family and friends to watch their budding drum stars perform in front of an appreciative audience. Performing in front of an audience is a great way to instill confidence in young musicians and to assist in developing character and stage presence. 

Clinics and Events

We host two to three drum clinics a year, catering to some of the biggest local and international names in the industry.

Drumland also hosts Tune Up Days. These events give our clients an opportunity to meet industry specialists and to discuss what's new in the market, tips and techniques on drum head tuning, cymbal cleaning, drum kit maintenance and more.